Redwood County EDA At Large Board Opening

We are no longer accepting applications as of July 11, 2023.

The mission of the Redwood County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is to be a trusted community partner to support and accelerate business and economic growth throughout the county. Our vision is a future in which Redwood County is a premier place for businesses, communities and residents to thrive.

We are seeking to fill the At Large EDA Board Member opening. Board members are responsible for developing policies, recommendations, and provide direction to the Economic Development Coordinator. A representative from each of the five districts, two County Commissioners and two at large members make up the nine member board.


  • Three-year term, with no Member serving more than three full terms (consecutive or nonconsecutive).
  • Meet every month on the second Wednesday of each month at 9 a.m.
  • Meetings held in January, March, May, July, September and November will be held in-person at the Redwood County Government Center at 403 South Mill Street, Redwood Falls for an average of an hour and a half in length.
  • Meetings held in February, April, June, August, October and December will be held virtually for one hour, via Zoom Meetings. This meeting is an opportunity to provide district reports, therefore no agenda will be developed and no voting can occur.
  • Subcommittee meetings and assignments, if needed for specific project/initiative at a time that works for the majority of committee members.
  • Occasional special meetings; if requested by Board President or two Board Members.


  • Board Member shall either reside, own property or be employed within Redwood County to serve.
  • Communication is conducted electronically, as a result access to email is required.
  • Commitment to review and reply to emails timely; to include dispersing information as requested.
  • Attend meetings regularly and on time. Actively contribute to the discussion, utilizing your expertise, knowledge and community involvement to provide guidance and direction.
  • Send meeting attendance regrets to the Coordinator timely.
  • Commit to review the digital meeting packet prior to regular board meetings.
  • Respect the opinions of fellow board members by promoting open dialogue in a professional space.
  • Have a desire to understand and promote economic and community development.
  • Actively engage in the community and/or district represented and serve as a bridge builder between and among communities, groups and individuals.
  • Uphold a level of discretion.


  • Increased knowledge of Redwood County as a whole, and local unit of government processes.
  • Network with others across Redwood County.
  • Per diem and mileage reimbursement for in-person meetings.

Redwood County EDA At Large Board Opening

Applications to serve on the Redwood County Economic Development Authority (EDA) board are being accepted until July 10, 2023 from those who reside, own property or are employed in Redwood County.

Address of residence or property owned in Redwood County(Required)
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