Economic Development Authority Staff Members

Briana Mumme Headshot

Briana Mumme

Economic Development Coordinator
Patrick Garry Headshot

Patrick Garry

EDA Broadband Coordinator
Lead for Minnesota Fellow

Economic Development Authority Board Members

The purpose of the Redwood County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is to be the catalyst for economic growth, job creation, business retention and improving the quality of life in Redwood County. The EDA Board consists of setting policies and direction to the Economic Development Coordinator. A representative from each of the five districts, two at large members and two County Commissioners make up the nine member board.

Jacob Jenniges

Walnut Grove
President - District 1

Dan Rohman

District 5

Bob Van Hee

Redwood Falls
County Commissioner

Edward Cohrs

Vice-President District 2

Jenifer Goblish

Secretary/Treasurer At Large

Heather Koffler

District 3

Stacey Heiling

Redwood Falls
At Large

Sarah Kuglin

Redwood Falls
District 4

Jim Salfer

County Commissioner Chair
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