Building a Fiber Future for Redwood County

Broadband Vision for Redwood County

Every resident and business in Redwood County will have access to an affordable, reliable, high-speed internet connection delivered by committed community partners skilled in operating and maintaining a successful fiber broadband network.

Endorsed by: Redwood County Commissioners, Redwood County EDA Board Members, and Redwood County Broadband Community Committee

Return to your roots, raise a family, and support your community. There are many benefits to living in a rural area. Access to high-speed internet allows you to stay connected, provide a great education for your children, work from anywhere, and ensure local businesses have the tools to operate successfully.

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Promote Future Growth in Redwood County

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Increase Healthcare Access to Rural Communities

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Increase Population in Rural Areas

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Advocate for Access to Better Education No Matter Where You Live

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Attract the Younger Generation to Rural Minnesota

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Attract Business and Retail to Rural Areas

High-speed internet is no longer a luxury!
Experiencing these problems?

  • No Internet access

  • Slow and unreliable internet connection

  • No access to high speed / fiber internet connection due to location

  • Have to go somewhere else to get a good connection

  • Not able to get your work or schoolwork done

  • Not able to get cost effective services because of a lack of good internet speed

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Get Fast, Reliable Internet Access to Your Home and Business

Broadband is the missing infrastructure that helps you and your neighbors living in rural areas to do business and live your lives without frustration.

Broadband Creates Opportunities for all and Supports the Future of Redwood County

High-Speed Internet Access in Rural Minnesota

When it comes to fast, reliable, and affordable internet access, there are still many unserved and underserved areas in Redwood County and throughout rural Minnesota. Bringing Broadband to these areas is crucial for the growth and future of these communities.

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Broadband Access Stories

What are your neighbors saying about their lack of high-speed internet?

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We have the highest speed plan yet we cannot run our TVs, computer, and a gaming system at the same time. My tv is currently spinning. We even added a “booster.” We pay for unlimited data on our phones so we don’t have to include them on our WiFi. Our son gets kicked off Google Meets which are required for school. This is very frustrating!

- Morgan

We cannot use our smart TV like we should because the connection is too slow for YouTube and/or movies.  When long distance learning, all 3 grandchildren cannot be on Zoom and their online sites at same time.  Only one computer can be used at a time, because they will get disconnected.

- Walnut Grove

I have a full time job which requires internet service. I work from home (even before and now during the pandemic.)   I often have video conference calls and have to turn my camera off due to poor connection. There have been times our internet service has been down and I've had to drive to neighboring communities to connect to wifi. When I work and when my children have distance learning, it is imperative we have excellent internet service.

- Lamberton

Please invest in access to internet!!  As a 5th generation farmer, I try to be on the leading edge of sustainability and technology.  My internet speed and connection is hindering my ability to use the tools now available.   The data I collect I can use in live time if I have connectivity and bandwidth to transfer the data.  I now download my data on sticks and drive to town to transfer/backup/analysis my data. I'm 3 miles to fiber and I have asked for quotes for faster speed - I feel I'm at an economic disadvantage due to my location.  It is top of mind as I attempt to be competitive in our global marketplace!!  PLEASE invest in internet!

- Rural Morgan

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Advocate for High-Speed Internet Access

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Get Engaged

Learn about the Broadband Initiative, get educated, better understand, know your elected officials.

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Advocate for Change

Share your voice, communicate, don't settle! Write a letter of support, contact your local officials, make an investment.

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Get Broadband

Be part of getting access for all for years to come! Bring Broadband to Redwood County. Your voice makes a difference!

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