Housing is an economic engine to any community.

Access to safe, affordable homes builds a strong foundation for families and communities. The County is committed to supporting the supply of safe and affordable housing to meet the needs of residents.

Housing Blue Print

Countywide Housing Study

Redwood County is a vibrant and growing county, attracting new residents and businesses each year. As we look at that trend continuing well into the future, it is an ideal time to address housing needs. Our commitment to community, health and wellness, and to economic vitality, includes offering a variety of housing choices and ensuring we are attracting development that meets those needs for our 15 county-wide cities, 25 townships and the Lower Sioux Indian Community (LSIC).

The Redwood County Economic Development Authority (EDA) is contracting with Bolton and Menk to complete a comprehensive countywide housing study. The purpose of the study is to understand the housing needs and priorities throughout the county. At the conclusion of the study, we will have an understanding of the housing needs, along with a set of recommendations on how best to meet those needs. A series of activities will be completed to achieve the study, to include a survey, public meetings and the mobilization of a steering committee.

Interested in Learning More?

Reach out to Briana, Economic Development Coordinator to discuss your needs and what programs may serve your organization.

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