Technical Assistance

Most businesses begin as a small business. While some stay small in scale and scope, others continually grow and diversify.

No matter how your business may grow or change, one thing remains constant: your profitability and growth depend on your ability to make sound business decisions. Whether you are exploring a start-up, business expansion, or business exit strategy, the Southwest Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is available to provide free technical assistance. The SBDC was created to provide consulting, training and research to assist small businesses to start, grow and transition. They provide entrepreneurs and business owners access to one-on-one customized technical assistance and support.

Southwest SBDC’s regional office is located in Marshall, MN with a satellite location on the Lower Sioux Reservation. To access services, visit the SBDC website, click the red button Request Services. You’ll be asked to answer a series of questions about yourself and organization to better understand what services will align with your specific needs. Please note, the information provided remains confidential and is not shared with anyone outside of the SBDC organization. Check them out today!

Small Business Assistance

Services available with the Small Business Development Center include:

Business Plan Development

Do you have an idea for a business? Need assistance figuring out the right steps to start your business? The Southwest SBDC's professional business consultants can help. They can answer your questions about starting your business and provide additional resources to help your transition easier. SBDC will help you prepare for the future and develop a road map to reach your business goals.

Market Research

Tap into SBDC's market research databases to find more information about your specific industry including market trends, best practices and many more resources. Get the information you will need to make the right decisions to drive your business growth. Market research will help you understand where your audiences and competitors are so you can market your business effectively online and offline.

Raising Capital

SBDC business consultants have longstanding relationships with lenders in their communities and understand their perspective and needs. In fact, many lenders require their borrowers to work with their SBDC before submitting a loan application. While the SBDC does not administer loans or grant programs, our consultants do help small businesses assess funding opportunities, identify financing sources, evaluate eligibility and prepare required documentation.

Financial Management

SBDC professional business consultants have extensive experience preparing loan packages, analyzing financials and configuring annual budgets. Learn from your consultant to understand your financials and what the numbers are telling you. Utilize your financial statement to help identify problem areas and access one-on-one consulting to develop personalized strategies.

Strategic Planning

SBDC professional business consultants can help you design strategies to grow your business. As you prepare for the future and develop a road map to understand your goals, they will help you optimize business performance and put you on the road to your business success.

Business Succession

SBDC business consultants can discuss possible exit strategies with you and assist you as you begin to plan for your business succession. They can provide resources for business clients currently seeking information on how to successfully exit, sell or transfer their business. It is never too early to begin this process.


Ready to Connect with the Small Business Development Center?

To initiate services, visit the SBDC website and select 'Request Services'. You'll be asked to answer a series of questions for the SBDC to better understand what services you may be seeking.

The information you provide to the SBDC will remain confidential and used for the sole purpose of assisting you. After you complete the questionnaire, you will be connected with a SBDC Business Consultant to work with you one-on-one, free of charge, for as long as you may need.

Stay In Touch

Briana Mumme, Redwood County Economic Development Coordinator is available to provide any assistance you may need. If she can't help, she can get you in touch with someone or an organization who can! You are not alone in your venture!

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